Op vrijdag 18 september om 19:00 vindt de finale van de categorie Electronic plaats bij Triphouse Rotterdam Studio. Kijk je mee via de livestream? Tickets koop je hier.

Dit zijn de vijf acts die met elkaar de strijd aan zullen gaan. De jury kiest een winnaar die met de juryprijs naar huis gaat, maar jij hebt als kijker ook een stem! Laat ons tijdens de finale weten wie jouw favoriet is, en misschien gaat die band wel met de publieksprijs van €250 naar huis. Tijdens de finale hoor je hoe je kunt stemmen, dus haal vast je ticket voor de livestream.

Onderstaande finalisten zullen strijden in een beatbattle, wat inhoudt dat ze in een uur een track een nieuwe moeten maken met behulp van een samplepack gemaakt door Triphouse.

Curi – Curi, also known as Curifex, began his musical journey at a young age. Seeing music videoclips on television, he was inspired to become a deejay. On his 11th birthday he got his first set of turntables and began mixing old records from his mother. Every week he would save his pocket money so he could buy vinyl records. At only 12 years old he got the honor to open at a local party, under supervision of his parents ofcourse. Famous Dutch DJ Darkraver was the headliner of that party and was so impressed with this kid spinning on the decks, that he took him on stage with him to play together. This moment set the path for the young aspiring deejay.

Vypes – Dubstep, DnB, and Trap, anything goes for this DJ/producer/guitarist from the Netherlands. Genres don’t matter, it’s the heavy bass that speaks. With an energetic live performance and armed with massive tunes, Vypes knows how to make a crowd go wild. You can expect an intense, dynamic set, filled with many unexpected twists, and turns. The only criteria is to make YOU go crazy and feel the vibes.

Pildrin – Jelle and Kenneth, together known as Pildrin, are an embodiment of dark atmospheres and light melodies. Their performances pursue an unaltered statement of expression; merging emotional machines with raw energy. With the port city of Rotterdam as their homebase, it provides them a constant flow of techno music tapping from the city’s eccentric character. They grew up with a big love for 80’s synthpop, psychedelic rock and sci-fi movies. This results in the dark emotive techno productions they play for the crowd today. 

Hebbe – The highly anticipated Rotterdam-based Hebbe has fully emerged from being a much-promising up-and-comer to a well-established leading artist within the 140 realm. While his distinct flow, obscure, weighty sound and crunchy basslines have conquered and inspired the entire Dutch dubstep scene, Hebbe is strongly coming through worldwide right now. While he originally was picked up by his hometown label Subway Recordings, he managed to make impactful appearances on a few of the most respected imprints within the genre such as SYSTEM Music, Crucial Recordings, Artikal Musik UK, DUPLOC, White Peach and DIVISION. Backed with consistent support from leading DJs within the scene, Hebbe took on his third US tour in December of 2019, while he has some hot forthcoming material cooked up, ready to unleash soon.

Port Patrol – De sound van Port Patrol bestaat uit dansbare grooves, gemixt met warme ambient klanken, jazz, en native invloeden. Op het podium weet Port Patrol met een elektronische live act de zintuigen te prikkelen. De live act bestaat uit synthesizers, instrumenten en elektronische drum computers die worden versterkt met live ondersteuning van muzikanten op de drums, gitaar, percussie en eventueel zang. Kortom: een recept waardoor de muziek voelbaar is voor het grote publiek.